Ba re e ne re is an organization intended to enrich the lives of the Basotho people by promoting initiatives that support increased literacy, encourage creative writing and aid artistic exchange between creatives in Lesotho, Basotho outside of Lesotho and creatives from other cultures. Through these connections, Basotho writers are able to share the unique stories Lesotho has to offer with local and international audiences. Translated from Sesotho language, the words “Ba re e ne re” mean “They say it was said that…” This phrase is a Basotho equivalent of “Once upon a time…” and is how many Sesotho folktales begin.

Our flagship project is the Ba re e ne re Literature Festival, first held 2011 by our founder Liepollo Rantekoa. After Liepollo’s tragic passing in 2012, her friends and family came together to carry on the work she began. The Ba re e ne re Literature Festival was triumphantly reborn in 2014. Moving forward, we are dedicated to continuing to expand the impact of Ba re e ne re with new projects in Liepollo’s honour and because we believe her vision remains vital for the growth of Lesotho and the Basotho people.

Ba re e ne re will make valuable contributions to the literary arts and educational landscapes in Lesotho by providing Basotho with tools and platforms to creatively express themselves. Through the efforts of Ba re e ne re and partners, Basotho will gain increased literacy and exposure to African literary content. And in addition, strong connections will be made between creatives in Lesotho and abroad.

Liepollo Rantkoa
Liepollo Rantekoa


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