Some conscious poetry for the times we live in. Read ‘The Mountain Kingdom’ by Lizzy Mochochonono. #Lesothowrites

They say dynamite comes in small packages
Apparently so does trouble
How can a country so small be this divided?
All we do in our hearts is tremble
As we wonder if the next gunshot will be on our doorsteps
Will we see the next sunshine?
That’s the question on everyone’s lips
What ever happened to Peace, Rain and Prosperity?

Is this what our forefathers fought for;
For the mountain kingdom
To fall on its own sword?
Is this what the great king of Basotho
Moshoeshoe would have wanted for his people
To die not of their enemies’ swords but their own friends’
Sh! Listen
Do you hear that sound?
That’s the sound of him turning in his grave?

Peace, Rain, Prosperity
More like chaos,pain and failure
Everything has changed but
God is still for us…

Kopano ke matla I’ve done my part
What about you…?

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