Ba re e ne re is extremely excited to announce that our annual event, the Ba re e ne re Literature Festival, will be held on the 13th January 2018 at Machabeng College between 12:30 and 18:00. The theme of this year’s festival is Decolonizing Learning and we are honoured to host members of the global arts education network Another Roadmap School among our guests. Another Roadmap School guests will be in attendance from Germany, Austria, London, Rwanda, Uganda, DRC, Egypt and South Africa.


Audiences can look forward to a film screening at Alliance Francaise on 12 January at 5pm, live performances by local artists, panel discussions (listed below) and a Keynote address by African Leadership Centre 2015-2016 Fellow and Executive Director of Gem institute Mpho Letima.

Additional sessions include:

Session A – Exploring critical literacies: addresses the importance of literacy and highlights that there are various literacies to consider for communication and success.

Session B – Perspectives on museum/gallery curation: is envisioned as a facilitated community discussion for all audience members about what museums and galleries mean to them and what kinds of art and history should be displayed there.

Session C – Combining fine art and literature: seeks to explore the intersections of fine art and the written word. The plan is to discuss the ways in which literature influences art or is incorporated into art.

Session D – Young writers reflect on writing and publishing: is intended to highlight real challenges faced by young writers in the literary world, but also offer useful strategies for enduring and thriving as a writer.


Ba re e ne re benefits from the generous support of partners including Alliance Francaise, Nala Project Community Market and Machabeng College.

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