Ba re e ne re was represented at the symposium by Lineo Segoete and Liepollo Moleleki.

Held in Zurich, the symposium invited students, art educators, researchers and cultural producers to reflect on the histories of education in and through art. The symposium emphasized the fact that historiography in arts education means referring to a plurality of hi/stories as perceived from different geopolitical perspectives. Presenting international and Swiss historical case studies, the aim of the gathering was to discuss: how are these hi/stories, their relations and intertwinings relevant for the development of current practice in arts education?

Researchers working on arts education histories and their global connections and relations in the framework of the project intertwining hi/stories of arts education presented and discussed their case studies in lectures and workshops. A panel with lecturers from Swiss universities discussed the relevance of historical knowledge in international perspectives for training in art education in Switzerland.

The project intertwining hi/stories of arts education aims to generate learning resources for professional development. The symposium along with the class for MA students in Arts Education in Basel, Bern, Lucerne and Zurich connected to it invited participants to draw on the research for a reflection of their own practice and to experiment with a first set of learning cards in a game format.

During the week-long symposium Ba re e ne re delivered a lecture called “The violence of Explaining myself” which explores the journey the Sesotho language took towards its formation into not only an oral, but a written language too. In this paper, we explored the trials and transformations the language has taken, and what role we as Ba re e ne re intend to play in its growth and preservation. In addition, we facilitated two experimental creative writing workshops grounded in a critic on identity politics, coloniality and cultural sensitivity. We also had a lot of fun trying out the unchronological timeline cards.

Images from the symposium in Zurich can be seen here.


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