Spelling bee poster draft

Ba re e ne re presented the 2018 National School Spelling Bee in partnership with Peace Corps/Lesotho on Monday 19 October 2018. The Spelling bee was held at Mophato oa Morija Conference Centre in Morija. This exciting event showcased top spelling talent from 9 schools in Lesotho who were the winners of earlier regional spelling bees.

Congratulations to our winners Khabele Moshe of Mmutlanyana Primary School and Thato Monosi of Bataung High School.

At the National Spelling Bee, contestants demonstrated their literacy skills by spelling
words in both Sesotho and English. There were 2 tiers of students, those competing at the primary school level and those competing at High School level. Two winners, one from each grade group, were crowned. The purpose of this spelling bee project is to encourage Basotho students to practice and improve their literacy skills including vocabulary, word structure and writing abilities. The regional and national spelling bees also encourage students to think under pressure and build confidence.


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