Ba re e ne re, was in Huye, Rwanda in August 2018 for the final international meeting of the first phase of the Another Roadmap school. There, representatives from 4 continents were present to reflect on their respective researches since 2015, share outcomes, and pave a way forward as it was clear that the collective was nowhere near the end of the road. This meeting was hosted by the Nyanza Working Group and overseen by artist Christian Nyampeta. Some of the outcomes from that meeting included an exhibition and panel on the interconnections of philosophy and art.

In the months that followed , a multi-vocal glossary was published (you  can read our contribution to the Multi-vocal glossary here) , as well as a subsequent meeting set to produce an Exhibition Kit through the leadership of the Cairo, Lubumbashi and Nyanza working groups. Leading up to that meeting, we were fortunate enough to be invited by Christian and Rutiga Golvet in Stockholm, Sweden to present our respective contributions to the Kit. This Exhibition Kit will contain graphic materials for the display of global histories (Un/Chrono/Logical Timeline); records of working processes and documentation materials; as well as examples of the artistic and pedagogic activation of the hi/stories of arts education of all partners of the international team.


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