The Another Roadmap Africa Cluster (ARAC) held their Second Colloquium from 3-7 April, 2017.


Public timeline making event at Wits School of Education

ARAC members were invited to create what would become known as the Un/Chronological timeline, which included events added by participants to a large plastic sheet, juxtaposed with the history of visual arts in South Africa and the world at large. In this exercise, people added dates that held significance to them personally or in their work in order to demonstrate how history intertwines and mark one’s place as part of history.

Wits School of Arts – The Point Of Order gallery

Members introduced themselves and shared their research and experiences with the public. The timeline created earlier in the day was rolled out on the floor as part of the conversation and a symbolic representation of what brought the different working groups together. The gathering included an interactive writing exercise as well as music session to help bring working groups and audience members closer together.
Semi-Public Gathering: The Point of Order

Wits School of Arts Fine Arts ‘Drawing & Contemporary Practice’ III: 3rd-year student made presentations on Medu Art Ensemble Newsletters in groups. The activity was followed by casual discussions between working groups and students about archiving, recovering and disseminating knowledge.
People who think together dance together

The cluster hosted a reception and dance party to wrap up the weeklong discussion, presentations and deliberations. Every member was invited to play a DJ set as part of the mutual exchange and connectivity of the group. The event offered everyone the chance to recap on an intense yet fruitful week while brainstorming ideas for the way forward.


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