Supporters of Ba re e ne re,

We wanted to let you know that since our short story collection Likheleke tsa puo: New writing from Lesotho sold out following the Ba re e ne re Literature festival this past December, we’ve made the book available to order from Amazon as an ebook or print copy. We have been so humbled by the interest in the book and the response has really shown how powerful publishing opportunities are for Basotho writers.

Please follow the link below to find the book on Amazon. All sales go towards supporting future literary arts projects in Lesotho.

Purchase Likheleke tsa puo: New writing from Lesotho

Book description: “This essential book, “Likheleke tsa puo”, meaning “wordsmiths” in Sesotho, contains 23 original stories that have never been published before. They are written in both English and Lesotho’s original brand of Sesotho, because it’s incredibly important to promote indigenous language and allow writers to express themselves how they are most comfortable.”

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