As part of Ba re e ne re’s work with the Another Roadmap for Arts Education network we produced a collection of educational curriculum customized for classrooms in Lesotho. Another Roadmap refers to this curriculum as a Learning Unit. Our learning unit titled “Decolonising Literacy with Critical Pedagogy” is finally online along with the units of our international peers who also take their own unique approaches to decolonising arts education. Please read the abstract of our free learning unit curriculum and follow the link below to download it and those of the other network partners.


“Decolonising Literacy with Critical Pedagogy”

This Learning Unit is intended to provide activity plans for students or other learners in late primary to high school, though they can be shared with any group of people with moderate literacy skills. The activities may be used in classrooms or workshop settings and can be used to develop and enhance critical dimension of the literacy skills of learners. By this we mean, the activities encourage leaners to identify and reflect on the biases encoded in textual and visual information.

Reference texts and item selections are intended to activate the archive, juxtapose the past and present and incite questions for the student. Through their participation, learners will ideally improve their skills for analysing key details in reference materials and learn cues that support the breakdown of meaning. By exposing the positionality of information, learners will be in a better position to think critically about an item’s message and relevance.


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