Our co-director Lineo Segoete collaborated with Educator and Researcher, Nora Landkammer to write a reflective paper interrogating the subtleties of coloniality and power as expressed through the work of two educators born 100 years apart. Lineo then gave a lecture at the Academy of Fine Arts during the seminar: “Art and Education Positions and Analyses” led by Barbara Mahlknecht on 9 April 2019. The lecture was then followed by a workshop in which Lineo and Barbara activated the Unchronological Timeline Cards produced by Another Roadmap School. These collaborations were under the conceived under the auspice of the intertwining histories within the Another Roadmap School. 

Here is an abstract of the paper below. 

The ignorant schoolmasters, is a reflection on the didactic role of two historical educators discussing the relation between ignorance and emancipation, and the implications of power and mutual learning associated with it. In this study we critique Jacque Ranciere’s text: the ignorant schoolmaster on the theories and practice of Joseph Jacotot, and the work and legacy of Swiss missionary Edouard Jacottet who worked in Lesotho as an educator and writer. We ask how the idea of an ignorant schoolmaster can serve as an emancipatory narrative, and reveal undertones of coloniality which emerge from it.

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