Writing workshops in Vienna

Ba re e ne re had the privilege of hosting two writing workshops in Vienna in April 2019. Our Co-director, Lineo Segoete was in Vienna, Austria as a Cultural Educator in Residence hosted by Kultur Kontakt. While there, Lineo visited several cultural and educational institutions including museums and schools to learn about education-through-the-arts initiatives geared toward better cultural understanding and unlearning, especially those aligned with post-coloniality, national identity and cultural sensitivity. Lineo also observed performances and activities that engaged participants who were language learners through art and literature. The premise of Lineo’s interests in relation to art education in Vienna was grounded in the work of Franz Cizek who believed that it was central to take the children‘s work seriously as an independent, ‘primal’ artistic expression. Led by this philosophy, Lineo was prompted to pursue opportunities to facilitate creative writing workshops with students whereby the task was to craft narratives related to intertwining cultural encounters that they had experienced. Through this experience, Lineo and the students entered into a mutual exchange of culture, learning and storytelling. We wish to extend our gratitude to Mr Alexandre Lipscomb-Santos and his history class at the Hertha Firnberg Schools of Business and Tourism and Mr Fabian Faltin and his Creative Writing class in the Faculty of Liberal Arts at Webster University for allowing us into their classroom.


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